:Health services of Jahanseiranahita Company are as follows

Providing high quality, rapid and affordable medical services

Treating patients in a proper and flawless manner

Getting to know experienced specialists and signing contracts with them in all medical fields

Giving consultation reports of health problems by specialists

Competing medical services in terms of quality, price and time with companies from all over the Europe, Canada, the United States and even India

Saving treatment costs compared to European countries

Providing accommodation services suitable for different financial conditions throughout the country of Iran

Providing tourist services by reliable tour guides all over Iran, according to the patient’s needs and discrimination

Providing the accident insurance to create mental security and well-being and protection of patients’ rights

Providing transportation services to medical centers all over the country

Providing follow-up services on the health status of people in the country of origin by the contracting party’s medical centers

Preparing the visas and tickets by connections of this company in different countries

Providing translation and guide services since arriving in Iran

Having sufficient experience in all medical and care affairs

Carrying out works contracts with universities of medical sciences in Iran

Obtaining a treatment visa and accompanying the patient from the beginning to the end of the treatment process

Signing contracts with more than 50 specialist and subspecialist in various medical fields throughout the Iran

Admitting patients to specialized hospitals in Mashhad, Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd